2800 Auto Plaza Dr. Suite 140&150 Tracy, CA 95304 

Phone: (209) 835-9642

Email: info@bikramsyogatracy.com



Yoga Tracy-1013 

New Students

To get maximum benefits, come to class at least 10 times during your first 30 days.
Here are a few pointers to get you started:


  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your first class in order to acclimate to the studio.

  • You can register online or at the studio.

  • What to wear: as little as you feel comfortable in, you are going to sweat a lot.

  • Hydrate yourself well. Have a liter of water a couple of hours before class.

  • Allow yourself 2 hours after your last meal before class.

  • Bring water, a yoga mat and a large towel, we also have these items available to rent.

  • We have lockers, bring a lock if you prefer to lock up your belongings.

  • Bring a friend, it is more fun that way.

  • We have full shower facilities for after class if needed.

  • Bottom line, just show up, have fun, do yoga.



What to expect after your first class

  • You might find yourself feeling extremely energetic and experience difficulty sleeping. Don't worry--this is a good sign that the yoga is truly filling you up with energy. You don't have insomnia. You just have more time to do the things you enjoy. 

  • You may notice yourself smiling for no reason!! Your friends will wonder why you look so darn happy all the time...

  • You may even want to come back tomorrow, good idea! 

  • You might feel a little tired after class. Take a nap if you can, your body is balancing itself out.

  • You might feel sore or stiff the day after your first class. Come back to class as soon as possible! Your body is waking up and coming alive and you want to keep the process going!

  • You might feel nauseous, dizzy or have a headache after class. This could be a sign that you are dehydrated. Please drink lots of water before returning to class. Or it could be a sign that you were trying so hard that you weren't breathing normally. Please breathe normally during every posture.

  • You might experience some skin irritation. This too is normal, it means that the skin is releasing toxins. Showering directly after class will wash the toxins away. It will also help normalize the body temperature.

  • You might feel very hungry after class for a while, or you might lose your appetite completely. Both reactions are normal. If you are concerned about your weight, don't worry too much either way. Once you get into a regular practice pattern, your appetite and your weight will normalize. You'll find yourself feeling and looking leaner and younger.